The coincidences between concepts of YG idols across the years 

These “concept coincidences” are later regarded as a signature feature of specific YG artists

Artists under YG are well known for their signature expensive styles. Across the years, however, fans have detected certain similarities whenever specific YG idols release their concept photos. To many, this has become a signature style, and perhaps even an easter egg that fans try to find in new contents. 

Recently, BLACKPINK dropped their official group poster for their 2nd full album “Born Pink”. Here, Lisa once again drew eyes with her two-toned hair, but fans’ attention is also geared towards the pole next to the female idol. Some speculated that as Lisa has made a deep impression with a pole dance scene in her “LALISA” MV, she may deliver yet another stunning performance in the upcoming MV for title song “Shut Down”

Lisa previously showed a lot of passion for pole-dancing, and has diligently practiced to deliver her performance in “LALISA”. In addition, in the after-party of Celine fashion show, the female idol also did a fun “pole dance”, causing fans to laugh.

Rosé seems to have a close relationship with black paint in her MVs, as shown through the BLACKPINK MV “Lovesick Girls” and Rosé’s solo debut “Gone”. 

Now, this trend has repeated in the “Pink Venom” MV, with a scene where Rosé held up a heart covered in black paint. Currently, fans are excitedly making up theories about this continual detail. 

In the same “Pink Venom” MV, Jennie once again showed off her confidence and chic vibes. However, fans also find one particular expression of the female idol extremely familiar, particularly the one she made after a slaying rap part. 

Other than BLACKPINK, Taeyang of BIGBANG also seems to stick to a particular concept year after year. In particular, ever since 2016, the male idol can be seen lying down in every comeback teaser. BIGBANG’s newest MV “Still Life” also had a scene where Taeyang lies amid a flower field. 

Not long ago, Taeyang also brought this “lying concept” to his pictorial on fashion magazine Marie Claire. The pose brought out his gorgeous side profile and masculinity, so Taeyang is fond of it, some speculated.

As YG artists often participate in the production of their releases, it’s presumed that these “repeating concepts” are also how the idols show their own characters and colors. 

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