The actress whose face resembles various pretty female stars in Korea 

Her visuals are said to be a combination of different actresses. 

Along with her pure appearance like a high school girl, Cho Yi Hyun also garners attention for looking similar to different actresses such as Kim Da Mi, Park Bo Young, and Kim Hye Jun.

cho yi hyun

After taking on a supporting role in “Hospital Playlist”, Cho Yi Hyun gained more popularity as she landed lead roles in two highschool dramas, “School 2021” and “All of Us Are Dead”. Recently, her next project has been announced. 

Cho Yi Hyun has reportedly been selected for one of the lead roles of the movie “Similar”, in which she will act alongside other popular young actors such as Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Hye Yoon. 

In addition, Na In Woo, who recently appeared in successful historical dramas “Mr. Queen” and “River Where the Moon Rises”, has also been confirmed to join the cast of “Similar”. 

Similar”, directed by director Seo Eun Young of “Overman” and “Go Back”, is drawing high expectations as it brings together the industry’s best rising actors. It is expected to be a youth film showcasing the refreshing chemistry between the young cast. 

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