The actress who almost played Hyeri’s mother in “Reply 1988”: a whole visual goddess, once crowned “Miss Korea” 

Before actress Lee Il Hwa, the production team of “Reply 1988” recruited another actress, but she rejected the role

Despite it having been 6 years since “Reply 1988” aired, this K-drama is still considered a legend in Korea, with beautiful messages about friendships, families, and adulthood. Alongside the main gang, their parents also greatly add to the charm of the series. The stories behind characters Dong Il, Il Hwa, Sung Kyung, Mi Ran – have greatly moved the audience’s heart. 

Reply 1988
The parents of “Reply 1988”

With their seasoned and convincing acting, the actors and actresses behind parents of “Reply 1988” seem as if they were made for the role. However, actress Lee Il Hwa, who played the female lead’s mother, was not the first choice of the production crew. 

The actress shared it herself in an interview, revealing that the role was referred to her by another actress, who was offered the opportunity first.

reply 1988

Kim Sung Ryung was actually invited to play Duk Sun’s mother before me,” the actress said. “She used to work with actor Sung Dong Il, who played Duk Sun’s father in a movie, who then told the crew and invited her to play the role. However, Lee Sung Ryung said that her husband’s family was from Busan, not herself, so she couldn’t understand nor speak the Busan dialect.”

Lee Il Hwa also added: “I told Kim Sung Ryung that I wanted to switch up my image once, even if the new image is a messy mother, so she remembered my words and contacted Sung Dong Il, recommending me for “Reply 1988”. 

Lee Il Hwa
It turns out that the role of Duk Sun’s mother…
kim sung ryung
Originally belonged to this actress

In terms of acting ability, both Kim Sung Ryung and Lee Il Hwa are talented actors who have a lot of experience. But objectively speaking, Kim Sung Ryung is a beauty queen, so it will probably be difficult for her to convince the audience that she is a mother in a poor family who does not know how to take care of herself.

kim sung ryung
Kim Sung Ryung used to be Miss Korea with a haughty, luxurious look
kim sung ryung lee min ho
She was famous for her role as Lee Min Ho’s mother in The Heirs
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