The acting career of Jisoo (BLACKPINK) has never been easy

Both the drama and Jisoo have been struggling on the way to their viewers.

After playing several cameos and supporting roles, Jisoo was finally cast for a lead role in “Snowdrop”. Fans proudly predicted that with Jisoo’s beautiful appearance, she would definitely draw much attention when appearing on the small screen.

Jisoo BLACKPINK acting career
Jisoo has encountered many challenges throughout her acting career.

Netizens continuously demanded the suspension of “Snowdrop” broadcasting

“Snowdrop” has faced a huge boycott wave from Korean netizens ever since the first broadcast. Internet users on Korean online communities expressed their frustration and anger towards the drama’s content. Raising suspicions of a history distortion issue, many people even signed a petition to the Blue House to request a ban on “Snowdrop” broadcasting. In just a few days, the petition received great support from netizens, and it gathered over 200.000 signatures.

Jisoo BLACKPINK acting career
The viewers signed petitions to demand “Snowdrop” broadcasting be suspended.

This was not the first time Korean netizens publicly boycotted this drama, but in fact, they already asked the filming of “Snowdrop” to be stopped during the very first stage of its production. At that time, they also sent to the Blue House a petition with 120.000 signatures. Meanwhile, the two main character actors, Jisoo and Jung Hae In, also struggled a lot. It was not until all the details have gradually been unveiled as the drama has nearly come to an end that the rage of audiences started to cool down.

Jisoo’s acting skills received criticisms

Apart from controversial content, Jisoo’s acting skills in “Snowdrop” was once criticized a lot. From the first teaser that reveals Jisoo’s line, “I miss you. I wish I could see you just once”, many viewers pointed out that Jisoo’s voice didn’t suit the drama’s atmosphere. 

Netizens commented saying the BLACKPINK member doesn’t have the potential to become an actress and couldn’t express the character’s emotions. Apart from her voice and pronunciation, Jisoo’s acting skills were also not highly evaluated. She was criticized for her emotionless acting and boring expressions. On the other hand, some people still believed that her acting skills should be reviewed only after the drama’s official broadcast.

Jisoo BLACKPINK acting career
Jisoo received criticisms for her poor pronunciation and emotionless expression.
Jisoo BLACKPINK acting career
She was said to be not comparable to other supporting actresses.

Jisoo’s improved acting skills

After a period of reassuring public opinion and solving difficulties, Snowdrop was officially aired and won the hearts of many audiences. The series contributed to a 15% increase in the total market value of JContentree (the parent company of JTBC) even though its rating has faced many ups and downs. Besides, the series starring Jisoo also reached the top of many domestic and foreign television series charts.

The acting skills of the female lead Jisoo show a clear improvement through each episode. Playing the role of a college girl in the 1980s, Jisoo was praised for her natural acting and diverse expressions. Besides, her chemistry with Jung Hae In is also highly appreciated. The couple impressed the audience with many romantic scenes with different emotional levels. Jisoo is even considered by experts to have the potential to become a new generation “queen of Melodrama”.

Jisoo BLACKPINK acting career
Jisoo’s spectacular acting. (Photo: jTBC)
Jisoo BLACKPINK acting career
After all, Jisoo is also recognized for her ability. (Photo: jTBC)

Dating rumors with Jung Hae In

Thanks to the suitability in their acting and romantic scenes in “Snowdrop”, Jisoo and Jung Hae In are actively shipped by many netizens. Accordingly, netizens also enthusiastically found out a lot of lovestagram details of the two. On Jung Hae In’s Instagram, many people discovered that the actor had switched from the habit of using a red heart icon to a white one. Coincidentally, Jisoo is a person who loves to use this icon.

In addition, on Jisoo’s birthday, Jung Hae In posted a photo of a paper airplane that is thought to be a hidden meaning to congratulate the female idol’s special day

Jisoo BLACKPINK acting career
Jung Hae In used white heart icon when posting. (Photo: Instagram screenshot @holyhaein)
Jisoo BLACKPINK acting career
Jung Hae In brought home a paper airplane as a souvenir. (Photo: Screenshot @holyhaein)

Not stopping there, the “shippers” also discovered that Jisoo has many times taken pictures for Jung Hae In. Besides, although “Snowdrop” has finished filming for a long time, the cast in the film still maintained a close relationship. Jisoo and the actors also brought a coffee truck to the set to encourage Jung Hae In in his new project. The actor was very happy with the gift from his colleagues.

Jisoo BLACKPINK acting career
Jisoo went to Jung Hae In’s filming set to give a coffee truck and take pictures. (Photo: Pinterest)

A series of BLACKPINK’s fanbases ceased their activities before the last two episodes of Snowdrop

It is known that the 27 fanbases of BLACKPINK have announced a rest (temporary suspension) on Twitter because their idol has not had a comeback for a long time. Therefore, the female idol is likely to not be supported with promotions in the final episodes of the drama.

Upon learning this, Soostans (Jisoo’s fans) were extremely disappointed, a little angry because their idol was not supported in the last two episodes of “Snowdrop” even though she was a BLACKPINK member. Since the drama is at a pivotal moment, if there is no consensus from the fandom, it is likely that the rating will drop to a record.

Jisoo BLACKPINK acting career
Before the last episode, a series of BLACKPINK fanbases were temporarily suspended. (Photo: Pinterest)

Despite possessing excellent beauty and passion for acting, Jisoo’s acting career has faced a lot of struggles. In addition to the boycott wave of “Snowdrop”, the female idol also received mixed comments from netizens for her acting ability. In addition, the internal turmoil of the BLINK community also affected her more or less.

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