G-Dragon’s Responses To Drug Use Accusations, From Complain Of Unfairness To Firm Position

Like the case in 2011, G-Dragon once again denied all the drug allegations

G-Dragon was reportedly booked by the police on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act on October 25th. The police secured a statement related to G-Dragon’s drug use from A, the director of an entertainment establishment in Gangnam who is related to Lee Sun-kyun’s drug scandal. However, G-Dragon and Lee Sun-kyun’s drug cases are under separate investigations. 

The police are also investigating doctor B, believing that B provided drugs to Lee Sun-kyun and G-Dragon, and will conduct tests to determine the types of drugs Lee Sun-kyun and G-Dragon took. 

On the 27th, G-Dragon revealed his position through his legal representative. He firmly said, “I didn’t take drugs. I have nothing to do with the recent media reports on ‘violations of the Narcotics Control Act’”, adding “I know the issue has caused great concerns to many people so I will actively cooperate with the investigation and answer faithfully”.

In 2011, G-Dragon was also investigated by the prosecutor for smoking cannabis at a club in Japan. At that time, the prosecutor suspended the indictment because G-Dragon was a first-time offender and the amount of cannabis he smoked was not enough to be subject to drug punishment.

Later in 2012, G-Dragon appeared on SBS’s “Healing Camp” and complained of unfairness regarding the drug charges.

He said, “I think they suspected me because of my image and appearance on stage”, adding “I didn’t smoke cannabis so I confidently did the test for investigation, but the result turned out to be positive for drugs. I was very shocked. I felt so unfair in many ways and couldn’t believe it at the beginning”. 


He continued, “Then I remembered one thing and I believed that it was because of the cigarette given by a stranger during the afterparty after our Japanese concert last year”.

Emphasizing that he mistook cannabis for a cigarette, G-Dragon explained, “I did notice that the taste was different, but I was so drunk at that time so I simply thought it was just some kind of strong cigarettes or cigars”, adding “I didn’t know it was cannabis because I had never smelled it before”.

Expressing his thoughts on the false drug accusation, he said, “If I had told lies, I wouldn’t have been able to see the public and fans directly on stage again”.

Source: Daum

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