Jisoo (BLACKPINK) criticized for her bad acting and poor pronunciation in drama “Snowdrop”, overseas fans are attacking YG

Jisoo is surrounded by controversies on all sides.

The 2nd episode of JTBC’s weekend drama “Snowdrop” was aired and Jisoo has already caused controversy over her acting skills. In the meantime, due to the historical distortion issue, the petition to suspend the broadcasting of “Snowdrop” exceeded 200,000 signatures in just one day. At this point, even Jisoo global fans are raising their voices with anger. Some pointed out YG’s responsibility, saying, “Why did you choose this kind of drama for our lovely Jisoo?”.

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) criticized

In “Snowdrop”, Jisoo plays the role of the female lead Youngro, who created a fateful relationship when she mistook the spy Jung Hae-in’s character as an activist student and hid him. However, only after 2 episodes, Jisoo has already raised controversy over her poor acting. While her inaccurate pronunciation was pointed out as the most problematic, her acting skills, which looked completely different from other actors, have also received criticism. There is also a problem with the name of Jisoo’s character – “Eun Young-ro”. It is said that the name sounded like “Eunyeoro” because Jisoo didn’t pronounce it properly. On the other hand, the pronunciation of her co-star actor Jung Hae-in was so accurate, making him stand out.

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) criticized

In addition, don’t know if it is because she is not in sync with Jung Hae-in or if she needs time to act more stable along with her co-star, who acts so well. But some people did say Jisoo looked more outstanding. At this point, compared to that of the actress who played the female college student in the same dormitory Room 207, Jisoo’s awkward voice tone was pointed out to be a problem.

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) criticized

Overseas fans are raging at YG, blaming the fault on the company for choosing this kind of drama for Jisoo’s acting debut. Recently, when an article about “Snowdrop” was posted on Reddit, a famous U.S community site, BLACKPINK fans voiced criticism towards the company, saying “It would have been so much better if Jisoo had made her debut in a romance genre drama”, “Why did the company choose this kind of work?”

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