How much are the outfits BLACKPINK was wearing in the “BLACKPINK 2022 Welcoming Collection”? 

Still no comeback plan yet, but BLACKPINK still excites fans with the glamorous Welcoming Collection 2022.

Seeing the high-class aura of each member, fans are surprised after finding out about the price of each fashion piece they were wearing.

Recently, YG continuously uploads previews for BLACKPINK’s “BLACKPINK 2022 Welcoming Collection.” Aside from their usual chic concept on stage, these 4 girls impressed their fans with a sexy and muse-like concept this time.

Blackpink-Welcoming Collection

First up, Jisoo. As the visual of the team, there’s no need to debate about her appearance. The eldest member of BLACKPINK appears in a white dress from Dior. The flowy and soft material of the dress gives a Greek goddess vibe. Jisoo’s revealed shoulders also add to her charm.

Fans rushed to check how much is this Dior dress, but this brand hasn’t officially released this design yet. To match with the feminine dress, Jisoo chose a pair of high heels which is worth $900.

Blackpink-Jisoo-outfit-Welcoming Collection

Another outfit of Jisoo, which is not very favored by fans but is still eye-catching, is this purple outfit. The stylist has chosen a satin corset from GUIZIO which is worth $138 to mix with a pink shirt. Her mini-skirt is from a Vietnamese brand called FANCi CLUB and is sold at the price of $120-$150. The same-colored pair of pumps is from ZARA and is about $60.

With this cutesy look, Jisoo’s hair is styled into 2 pigtails, turning her into a young schoolgirl. However, fans are more surprised by the affordable price of her outfit.  

Jennie is also a member whose fans are shocked by her visual in “Welcoming Collection 2022”. The idol appears in a feminine and charming dress with detached sleeves to create a point for the outfit. Along with the long dress are a hairband and a pair of slingback pumps of the same color.

This dress is known to be from Alexander McQueen and is $4,640 while her shoes are from Zara and are about $60.

In “Welcoming Collection 2022”, Jennie also appears in a black lacy outfit, showing off her curves. Fans are in awe of her slim waist and curvy hips. Her hair is let down with her bang brushed up to create a more classy vibe. This outfit is from Chanel, and is worth about $2,200.

Blackpink-Jennie-outfit-Welcoming Collection

Another outfit of Jennie, which is a pink outfit set, is also cute. Along with a pink turban on her head, Jennie looks more lively and energetic.

Blackpink-Jennie-outfit-Welcoming Collection

In the “Welcoming Collection 2022”, Rosé left a deep impression with her black mini dress from YSL which is mixed and match with a black belt to accentuate her precious waist. The price of this outfit is about $3,285, with the most luxurious item being the ring from Tiffany&Co which is $11,200.

Blackpink-Rose-outfit-Welcoming Collection

Rosé also appears in another black one-shoulder item from YSL which is about $2,321. This dress gave her a sexy but classy vibe.

Blackpink-Rose-outfit-Welcoming Collection

Lisa’s fashion sense is never a disappointment to her fans. The yellow-and-white schoolgirl outfit gives her a more feminine but energetic color. Her shirt is from Celine and is $940, while her skirt is about $40 from ZARA. In another photoshoot, Lisa appeared in a blue Celine tweed jacket which is $3,419.

These new images from BLACKPINK in “Welcoming Collection 2022” are showered with praise and compliments from fans. Fans are even more motivated to demand a BLACKPINK comeback from YG

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