The 6 worst Korean dramas in 2021: Penthouse with high ratings is still in the top 2

Many viewers wonder why 'Nevertheless' is not on the list of the worst Korean dramas of the year.

Following up on its list of favorite dramas and couples, Joynews24 has recently published a ranking of the worst dramas in 2021, based on votes from 200 entertainment industry insiders. Joseon Exorcist – a drama that only aired for two episodes and was banned due to historical distortions – took the lead with 75 votes, which was quite unexpected. Following Joseon Exorcist is Penthouse with a total of 43 votes. Penthouse went from a blockbuster to an SBS disaster due to the producer’s decision to prolong the drama to three seasons.

6 worst Korean dramas in 2021:

  1. Joseon Exorcist (75 votes)
Worst K-Drama

 2. Penthouse (43 votes)


 3. Lost (17 votes)

Worst K-Drama

 4. Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce) (10 votes)

Worst K-Drama

 5. Young Lady And Gentleman (7 votes)

young lady and gentleman

 6. Sysiphus: The Myth (7 votes)


Besides the objections to the appearance of Joseon Exorcist on the list, many people are perplexed as to why ‘Nevertheless‘ was not in the list. Some viewers even joked that because Song KangHan So Hee‘s drama was a flop that insiders even forgot about it. 

  • Penthouse is the most illogical series I’ve ever seen.
  • Honestly, the first season of Penthouse was very attractive but season 2 and 3 ruined it all.  
  • ‘Nevertheless’ was so bad that no one even thought about it.
  • Lost has a ‘healing’ tag but after watching 2 episodes I got depressed.  The story is built quite deep but not good enough.
  • I’m so excited watching Young Lady And Gentleman. I’m even looking forward to each episode
  • Episode 1 of Joseon Exorcist is very captivating.  I don’t understand why it’s regarded as the worst this year. Should replace it with Nevertheless
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