“That’s how we see you too…”, Ju Ji-hoon’s reply to a racist question from a foreign media

Actor Joo Ji-hoon drew attention with his honest answer in an interview with foreign media. 

German magazine ICON recently released a full interview with Ju Ji-hoon on Nov 5th. Ju Ji-hoon appears on the cover of the magazine’s latest edition, which is also the first time for a Korean artist.  Ju Ji-hoon answered various questions regarding his personal life and Korean contents such as Netflix’s “Squid Game”.  

First of all, Ju Ji-hoon answered the question of whether Hollywood should be worried now that K-culture is enjoying a global boom. He said, “Korean films have been successful around the world. However, staff, actors, directors, and production costs are paid at the Korean level in the past, and even if Korean films are proven to be successful, proposals are always the same as before. I wonder what will happen in the future.” 

He also answered about preconceived notions about race. ICON asked him a question that might be considered as a rude one, “Are you offended to hear that all Asians look the same?”  In response, Ju Ji-hoon tactfully laughed, saying, “That’s how we see you guys too, all white people look the same,” adding, “Only Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise look different.” 

Lastly, he told them his story. Referring to Jung Woo-sung, he confessed, “There are people who go on that path because of their personal values and philosophy even though they don’t know whether it’s possible or not,” adding, “Because I have the chance to be close to such a person, my confusion when I was still young has calmed down a lot.” 

Joo Ji-hoon

Meanwhile, Ju Ji-hoon is starring in tvN’s “Mount Jiri” (screenplay by Kim Eun-hee, director Lee Eung-bok).

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