BLACKPINK Lisa enjoys warm retreat in Paris before departing for next location 

BLACKPINK Lisa enjoys life out of the limelight in Paris.

Recently, BLACKPINK Lisa released several photos of herself with an orange emoji for a caption. From the photos, it seems the “MONEY” singer was having a relaxing times with friends after a hectic world tour schedule. 

In the photos, Lisa wore a simple outfit with no makeup on. The main dancer let her hair down, exuding a natural beauty. In the photos, Lisa was also holding a cup of orange juice while sitting in a sunlit backyard. The soloist smiled brightly and enjoyed her bits of free time after days of going on tour. 

On July 28, BLACKPINK will travel to Southeast Asia for one last stop before leaving for the U.S. for the encore concerts.

Previously, Lisa became the talk of the town after rumors broke out stating she would not renew her contract with YG Entertainment. The news led to a plunge in YG’s stock price, drawing attention. However, YG refuted the rumors and stated they were still in talk with Lisa about her contract.  

Source: k14 

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