Lee Hye-ri mentioned her boyfriend Ryu Jun-yeol in the recent interview after “Moonshine” ended, “He said my drama was interesting”

Actress Lee Hye-ri, former Girl’s Day member, made headlines as she recently mentioned Ryu Jun-yeol, who she has been dating for 5 years, in an interview.

Lee Hye-ri expressed her feelings and told various behind-the-scenes stories of “Moonshine” filming in the interview on February 21st after the drama ended. 

When asked about how her boyfriend Ryu Jun-yeol supported her, Lee Hye-ri smiled shyly and cautiously said, “Actually this is the part that always makes me feel worried. I wondered how I said in an hour like this might come out in articles”.

Ryu Jun-yeol Lee Hye-ri

She didn’t mention Ryu Jun-yeol’s name directly, but revealed, “(My boyfriend) is giving me so many cheers and support, I’m really grateful for that. I gained a lot of strength because he really enjoyed the drama”, showing affection towards her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, “Moonshine” ended on February 22nd with a rating of 5.9%, according to Nielsen Korea’s data. The drama tells about the love and growth of four young people who are friends living in an era in which alcohol is prohibited. Starting with the story of a smuggler being chased by an inspection, the drama brought about many fun episodes, drawing the world of smuggling and human desires associated with it.

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