22-year-old actor Yoon Chan-young revealed that the kiss scene with Park Ji-hoo in “All of Us Are Dead” was his first kiss

Actor Yoon Chan-young, who turns 22 years old this year, honestly confessed that he had his first kiss through “All of Us Are Dead”.

Yoon Chan-young

On February 22nd, magazine DAZED released exclusive photoshoot photos of Yoon Chan-young, who gained huge attention after appearing in Netflix’s original series “All of Us Are Dead”.

Taken against the background of an empty house in Seoul, which is cozy but has a chilly atmosphere, the photoshoot pictures contained the lively emotions of Yoon Chan-young.

Wearing a transparent bucket hat, Yoon Chan-young matched a pink-tone knit vest with a pearl necklace, showing off his captivating charms.

Yoon Chan-young also revealed some behind-the-scenes stories about his kiss scene with On-jo (Park Ji-hoo) in “All of Us Are Dead”.

He shared, “Actually, it was my first kiss. I once wondered if I would have my first kiss in my works, but it happened for real”.

He also added, “At that time, Ji-hoo was a high school student and I was 20 years old. But Ji-hoo’s reaction was cooler than I thought. She said, ‘So what? Isn’t this acting? Just do it’”. Yoon Chan-young, who hadn’t kissed before, eventually made an NG.

The actor smiled and said, “At first, I approached Ji-hoo but only our noses touched and my lips couldn’t reach hers. Since I failed to do it, I just stood still”

Earlier, Yoon Chan-young said in an interview with Sports Chosun that he had never experienced one-sided love that can cause him to risk his life.

The actor also revealed that he tried to keep On-jo in his mind and immerse himself in the feeling of love by attaching stickers of On-jo’s face on his scripts and cell phone.

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