“Thanks to ARMY, I can go inside The White House” – BTS is leaving for the US to discuss Asian hate crimes

Kpop group BTS is invite to The White House, where they will discuss with US President Joe Biden about diversity, inclusivity, and discrimination against Asians. 

On May 26th, The White House released an official statement that says: 

“On Tuesday, May 31st, global Kpop phenomenon and Grammy-nominated music group from the Republic of Korea BTS will join President Biden to discuss Asian inclusion and representation, and to address anti-Asian hate crimes and discrimination which have become more prominent issues in recent years. 

President Biden has previously spoken about his commitment to combating the surge of anti-Asian hate crimes and signed into law the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act in May 2021 to provide law enforcement with resources to identify, investigate, and report hate crimes and ensure that hate crimes information is more accessible to AA and NHPI (Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander) communities. 

President Biden and BTS will also discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion and BTS’s platform as youth ambassadors who spread a message of hope and positivity across the world.”

Regarding this news, the leader of BTS, RM, said through fan community platform Weverse that: “Uh…That’s what happened. Everything is happening in my life, and I will be back safely. Last time I came to the US, I only saw The White House from afar, but now I got to go in there.” 

He also added: “I will be back in June with a smile on my face. Thanks to you, we are able to do this. Please give us a lot of support.”

This is not the first time BTS got invited to a huge platform to discuss ongoing social issues. Previously, they partnered with UNICEF for an anti-violence campaign, and have also performed at the UN’s General Assembly. 


Along with their appearance at The White House, BTS will also return to the music scene with their anthology album “Proof”, which drops on the upcoming June 10th. 

Source: Daum

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