Tempest Hanbin, the first Vietnamese K-pop idol: “Debuting in Korea wasn’t hard for me” 

Hanbin of rookie boy group Tempest expressed happiness in his debut in Korea.

On March 2nd, an online showcase was held to commemorate the release of Tempest‘s debut album “It’s ME, It’s WE”. Tempest consists of 7 members including Hanbin, Hyeongseop, Hyuk, Eunchan, LEW, Hwarang, and Taerae.

Tempest Hanbin

Member Hanbin is the first Vietnamese K-pop male idol in Korea. When Asked if his debut process in such a foreign country was difficult, Hanbin said, “It wasn’t that tough for me. I’m so happy to be able to say hello as Tempest Hanbin. I always think positively, like ‘Let’s work hard today. Let’s have fun.’ It wasn’t hard because my friends next to me helped me a lot. That’s such a relief. Tempest will all dream and work hard,” he said.

Tempest Hanbin

He added, “I will work hard to become a person who my family and everyone who supports me from afar can be proud of.” Hanbin appeared on Mnet’s “I-Land” in the past. He said, “I came to Korea to achieve my dream and experienced a lot through broadcasting. Friends who came out on the same program have cheered for me a lot. We talked to each other and cheered for each other everywhere. Thank you so much and I think it will be amazing and happy to meet them on stage or on music shows in the future. I’m happy to debut as a member of Tempest,” he stressed.

Tempest Hanbin
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