Taylor Swift’s Move Against Deepfake will be a Huge Help for K-pop Idols 

Recently, various explicit edits of Taylor Swift, which were created using AI and deepfake technology, were spread on the SNS platform X (formerly Twitter). It is known that deepfake is a technology that edits a person’s facial features into another’s body, and can be used to make it look like a person is doing things they never participate in. 

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While some uses of deepfake are harmless, many celebrities have become victims of this technology, as they became the subjects of harmful and explicit content. 

In the case of Taylor Swift, the number of deepfake photos and videos of her in compromising position was so overwhelming, that X eventually had to block searches of the pop star’s name for a while. 

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The platform also warned its users against nudity without consent, and stated that action will be immediately taken against those who violate this policy.

The fact that an A-list celebrity like Taylor fell victim drew the attention of the US government. In particular, Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary of the White House, promised that the state will do their best and work with SNS platforms to impose necessary actions.

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On the other hand, K-pop idols are also often victims of deepfake technology, with many websites and accounts dedicated to deepfake idol content. This even appeared on X, with the idols’ names censored to avoid being blocked. 

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As a result, if Taylor Swift chooses to take legal actions against deepfake content, it will be a huge help to K-pop idols who suffer from deepfake. 

Source: AP News, Krb

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