Tang Wei’s handwritten letter in Korean to IU “I’m your fan”

Singer IU revealed the letter she received from Tang Wei, who appeared in her new song music video

On Feb 23rd, IU posted on her SNS, “Letter sent by senior Tang Wei not long after finishing shooting and our photos.” Along with this, she shared the handwritten letter she received from Tang Wei.

iu-tang wei

IU expressed her deep gratitude, “I was deeply moved by your letter, senior, and I sought your permission to share it. The scene where you hugged me in the latter part of the music video was your ad-lib. It was a moment that brought tears to my eyes. I was nervous and excited all day long. I’ll always cherish it.”

Tang Wei wrote the letter in Korean. She revealed the reason for writing the letter, “I wanted to tell Ji-eun about the two touching moments I felt while shooting (the ‘Shh..’ music video).”

iu-tang wei

She confessed, “Thank you for creating such beautiful memories for me. Today is New Year’s Eve of the lunar year, and though I’m far away from Ji-eun in Beijing, I wish for your happiness and health. I’ll continue to look forward to your wonderful songs in the future. I’m your fan, Tang Wei.

IU released her 6th mini-album “The Winning” on Feb 20th. Tang Wei appeared in the music video for the track “Shh..”.

Source: Daum

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