Taking photos at Jennie’s house? Another never-before-seen photo of BTS V leaked

After a series of photos of BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V on Jeju Island was leaked, another photo of V was made public.

On September 16, Gurumi Haribo leaked 4 photos of a couple believed to be Jennie and V on a date on Jeju Island, drawing keen attention.  Not long after that, this person continued to publicize a photo of a man believed to be BTS V. The person in the picture who is thought to be V is seen resting next to what seems to be Jennie‘s mother’s cat.

Gurumi Haribo said in the Telegram group that “YG and Big Hit did not take any action to protect the artists”. This person added: “Stop involving and harassing innocent people! My pictures are authentic! That’s what happens when ARMY provokes me and involves innocent people.” 

He/she then said: “And all of you should stop saying ‘Taehyung doesn’t have dirty feet like this’, ‘Jennie doesn’t have a 4$ wish phone case like this’, ‘XY looks like a hag it’s fake’. In the end, you severely insult the people you claim to support!”

On the other hand, netizens also noticed that the white and checkered blue pillowcases in the photo look similar to the pillows on the bed in the private house where Jennie once filmed a vlog.

Gurumi Haribo later also posted a picture of another man taking a photo with the cat and saying, “Jennie, Twozoobrother and her cat,” as if to confirm it was Jennie’s mother’s cat. 

Besides, not long ago, a photo believed to be V lying next to a cat at Jennie’s mother’s house leaked, causing a stir.

So far, neither HYBE/ Big Hit nor YG Ent made any official statement on this issue while rumors about Jennie and V’s relationship are still the talk of the town.

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