V was seen with Jennie’s mother’s cat… Did he spend a date at Jennie’s parents’ house?

BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie’s dating photos continue to be leaked.

On September 2nd, a photo showing a man believed to be V lying next to Jennie’s mother’s cat spread in various online communities.

The photo is said to have been distributed in a new group chatroom created by hacker A. Earlier on the same day, pictures of V and Jennie’s forehead kiss and hug were also leaked from this chatroom.

In response, netizens reacted, “I wonder how close they are to go to each other’s home”, “I guess he has met with Jennie’s mom”, “At this point, will they get married?”, “I can’t believe that he even went to her parents’ house”, “How close can they be?”, “People are violating their privacy too seriously”, “I feel pity for celebrities”, etc.

Earlier, Jennie and V were already embroiled in various dating rumors. Through a Telegram chatroom, hacker A said, “Within the last 48 hours a lot has happened behind the scenes and important people talked to me. As a result of these conversations, I will refrain from posting any further content regarding Jennie and V”, but photos continued to be leaked.

Apart from Jennie’s dating pictures, selfies of BLACKPINK members Lisa, Ji-soo and Rosé were also leaked, raising fans’ concern.

In this regard, BLACKPINK’s agency has not issued any position.

Source: nate

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