“My Teenage Girl” explained the controversy over Yuri’s eliminating a trainee and apologized, “We couldn’t convey the context properly”

MBC’s “My Teenage Girl” explained the controversy over Yuri’s eliminating a contestant by revealing the process of choosing eliminated contestants.

After the broadcast of “My Teenage Girl” aired on December 12th, the viewers expressed doubts about Girls’ Generation Yuri’s decision to eliminate a candidate, causing controversy during the past few days.

My Teenage Girl Yuri

Regarding the issue, the production team of “My Teenage Girl” released a behind-the-scenes video containing the process of selecting the candidate for elimination in order to confirm that the atmosphere during the selection process was different from what was aired on the main broadcast.

My Teenage Girl Yuri

Kwon Yu-ri (Girls’ Generation Yuri) praised trainee Lee Seung-eun’s ability, saying, “Seung-eun has great spirit and temperament”, adding, “Unlike her cute image, this student has reversed charisma and unexpected skills that would help her survive somehow”. She also mentioned this trainee to be one of the candidates that would pass this round.

My Teenage Girl Yuri

On the other hand, vocal judge Youngji said, “Honestly, Jiwon’s singing skills is not really good. But I’m getting more greedy. I want to teach her and help her move up to B+”, and suggested that Lee Ji-won be the last candidate to pass. When the final decision process was revealed, Kwon Yuri said, “After discussing and considering with many other trainers, we came up with this conclusion.”

Along with the behind-the-scenes video, the production team also said, “As a result of the evaluation during the break, Kwon Yu-ri chose Lee Seung-eun but after discussing with other trainers, the “pass” ticket was change to be given to Lee Ji-won”, adding, “We sincerely apologize for making the viewers feel uncomfortable as we couldn’t convey the entire context properly during our editing process.”

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