Taeyeon Recalls TaeTiSeo Promotions, “It Was Tough And I Had To Juggle Tons Of Activities At Once”

Singer Taeyeon confessed that she had a hard time during TaeTiSeo activities

On December 1st, the YouTube channel “Bam’s House” uploaded a new video featuring the guest appearance of Taeyeon.

BamBam said, “Personally, I felt really bad because I kept mentioning you without even realizing it”. Taeyeon replied, “I was so grateful. It’s really nice when someone says my name”. BamBam even prepared some snacks that Taeyeon likes as a gift.

BamBam then confessed, “I have more to thank you, not for things like being a successful fanboy or for meeting you in person. Wanting to say thank you was the biggest thing for me. That time, I got your autograph. ‘Let’s meet after you debut’, those words helped me so much”

He continued, “At that time, I’d been a trainee for a long while, and I wasn’t even part of the GOT7 team. I was going to quit being a trainee. But after receiving your autograph, I vowed, ‘I’m going to debut’. I was 15 years old back then”, adding, “You were the biggest influence on me at the time”, expressing his gratitude for Taeyeon.

BamBam mentioned TaeTiSeo promotions as the moment he became a fan of Taeyeon. Hearing that, Taeyeon shared, “To be honest, I had a tough time during TaeTiSeo promotions. I had a lot on my plate and had to juggle tons of activities at once. So I got through it thinking, ‘It’s so difficult’”.


She added, “But some juniors tell me that they nurtured their dreams because of my activities back then, so it makes me reflect on myself. Because of one thing I did or one way I looked to them, some juniors began growing their dreams. So I keep thinking, ‘I should keep my act together’”. 

As BamBam reacted, “Aren’t you being too humble?”. Taeyeon responded, “I think I’m pretty humble. You have to be humble. That’s how you go for the long run”.

Later, BamBam made the traditional Thai dish called ‘Somtam’ for Taeyeon. 

Source: Daum

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