Taeyeon and Jaehyun’s Heartwarming Duet at SMTOWN Live Tokyo 2024

Taeyeon (SNSD) and Jaehyun (NCT) caused a buzz with an affectionate embrace on stage

Recently, SM idols successfully performed at two nights of SMTOWN Live Tokyo 2024. The moment when 55 stars gathered on one stage greatly moved fans. Among the impressive performances, the duet stage between Taeyeon (SNSD) and Jaehyun (NCT) was widely shared among fans, causing a sensation across Asian social media platforms.

Harmonizing together in “Starlight,” marking their reunion after 5 years, the main vocal duo showcased their live singing skills. Jaehyun’s warm and sweet baritone voice went well with Taeyeon’s soaring vocals. The duet also created a “visual feast” between two top stars.

taeyeon jaehyun

The most sensational moment must be the extremely affectionate embrace between the two. As the duet ended, Taeyeon and Jaehyun’s heartfelt interaction kept fans on the edge of their seats. NCT’s heartthrob was praised for his delicate gesture, embracing his senior but still maintaining a respectful distance, with his hands not directly touching Taeyeon’s shoulders. This embrace showcased the close bond between generations of SM idols, earning admiration from the audience.

Source: K14

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