T.O.P crosses his name out of BIGBANG, full-group comeback near-impossible 

T.O.P crossing his name out of BIGBANG puts another obstacle on BIGBANG’s future.

BIGBANG is an iconic second-generation K-pop group. They were one of the first groups to follow a clear hip-hop style. The unique development distinguished the group from other groups at the time. BIGBANG quickly made one achievement after another with every new comeback. 

Despite several controversies, fans still hope BIGBANG could return as a full group. Nonetheless, when T.O.P crossed his name out of the group’s name, BIGBANG faces a dead-end. 

BIGBANG could hardly promote with 3 members 

BIGBANG has always been known to be a coherent whole with five members. Before any scandals took place, T.O.P was loved for a distinct rap voice and frequently took charge of “killing parts” in BIGBANG’s songs. Similarly, Seungri was also assigned with memorable lines.  

When two out of five members left the group due to very different reasons, BIGBANG faces the difficult task of maintaining the continued support from fans. When T.O.P decided to leave BIGBANG, fans grew with skepticism about the future of the group.

G-Dragon shifts his focus to fashion
daesung thumbnail
Daesung ended his contract with YG Entertainment and has not had any new activities
Taeyang moved to The Black Label and is active with his solo career

At the same time, the members are busy with their plans and lives. Taeyang moved to The Black Label to pursue a global career. G-Dragon changed his focus to fashion. Daesung is keeping quiet about his future intentions.

After leaving YG, rumor has it T.O.P will establish his own company and become a businessman. The overlapping schedules are a big part that may hinder a full-group reunion.

An end to a 17-year friendship?

Be legal difficulties or schedule overlaps, these challenges can still be overcome. However, when T.O.P announced his departure, the reality of no BIGBANG comeback is more certain. 


Many of T.O.P’s most loyal fans were disappointed by his choice. No one has the answer to his unexpected aggressiveness when an article mentioned him alongside other BIGBANG members.

This became more shocking when, one year prior, YG Entertainment still declared T.O.P to be a part of BIGBANG when he decided to leave YG. 

A foreshadowed end?

In 2022, four members of BIGBANG released “Still Life”. The song became a sensation with stunning visuals, moving lyrics, and a longing melody.

At the same time, T.O.P also shared in an interview, saying, “BIGBANG is an idol artist group. But I’m too old, and everyone’s old too! Being super honest with the fans, I really don’t want to say this is my last”.

He continued, “But even more frankly, it might be a long while until I come back as T.O.P of BIGBANG. Over those five years, our music tastes and activities probably differed a lot, and now BIGBANG music and T.O.P’s music are quite different. I’m at the stage in my life where I want to awaken to fresh new challenges, stimuli, and transition”.

BIGBANG comeback 2022

Looking back, netizens speculate that might be T.O.P hinting at a departure to embark on a solo career. With all this in mind, it is becoming more certain that BIGBANG might not have a reunion any time soon.

Source: K14

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