Suzy’s ‘Doona!’ Unveils 3 Disturbing Moments in the Lives of K-pop Idols

Series “Doona” starring Suzy in the lead role reveals the harsh reality of the idol industry

Recently, the name Suzy has been making waves across social media platforms due to her role in the new Netflix series “Doona.” Based on the webtoon “The Girl Downstairs,” “Doona” tells the story of a K-pop idol at the peak of her career suddenly announcing her retirement. This role can be seen as a “glass slipper” for Suzy, who was once a top idol and visual of the K-pop generation 2 during her time with JYP and Miss A. This period under JYP brought Suzy fame and a successful career as she enjoys today.


“Doona” successfully unveils the dark side behind the glittering world of K-pop idols. Suzy’s character grapples with psychological issues during her career. The series has authentically portrayed several real-life incidents that have raised concerns about the idol culture. Here are three details that have left a lasting impact on viewers, prompting them to reflect on the shortcomings within the idol culture.

Fans giving binkies to their idols

During fan sign events, fans have the opportunity to meet and interact directly with their idols at close range. Fans often prepare gifts for their idols, hoping to capture adorable moments. K-pop idols are usually requested to show “aegyo” (cute behavior)

However, some fans cross the line by giving binkies to their idols. Jungkook, Sejeong (former I.O.I member), and Wonho (former Monsta X member) have all been forced to use binky at fan sign events.

Fans secretly filming G-Friend with hidden cameras

In the series, there is a scene where Suzy discovers a male fan wearing glasses with a hidden camera, a scenario inspired by a real-life incident involving G-Friend. In 2017, during a fan signing event, member Yerin discovered a male fan wearing glasses with a hidden camera. The group’s management promptly confiscated the camera. This incident raised concerns about privacy and safety for artists. Many obsessive fans go to great lengths to secretly film their idols, even at public events.

Idols being secretly recorded and having their private images leaked by staff

Another issue addressed in the series is idols being secretly recorded and having their private images leaked by staff members. In the past, Winter from aespa found herself in such a situation. A video captured a staff member surreptitiously filming the female idol, causing outrage among fans. Subsequently, SM Entertainment denied the allegations, but it still left fans deeply concerned.

“Doona” sheds light on the darker aspects of the K-pop idol world, provoking thought and discussions about the invasion of privacy and the troubling behavior that sometimes occurs within the fan culture.

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