Suzy stuns with her idol visuals in still cuts for new drama “The Girl Downstairs” 

Singer-actress Suzy is attracting attention by taking over the stage as an ‘idol’.

On October 17th, on a Korean community site, an article with photos of Suzy was posted with the title, ‘Suzy on KCON stage preview’. In the photo, Suzy is showing off her intense eyes with gorgeous visuals.


These photos are cut from Netflix’s upcoming series “The Girl Downstairs”. The drama is based on a webtoon of the same name, and tells the story of female idol Lee Doona (Suzy) who chooses to retire and Lee Wonjun (Yang Se Jong), a freshman in college, living in the same house.

In the drama, Suzy takes on the role of Lee Doona. Lee Doona suddenly decided to retire while working as the main vocalist of the girl group ‘Dream Sweet’, and is now returning to the theater and film department of Minsong University.  As members of Dream Sweet, actress Go Ah Seong and dancer Lachika (Rian, Shimizu) and singer Janet-seo decided to appear and drew attention.

Suzy thumbnail

Netizens expressed their expectations for “The Girl Downstairs” through comments such as “It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to see idol Suzy”, “Suzy is pretty no matter what”, “Suzy seems to have perfect styling as a singer and actress”, “Suzy is Lee Doona”, etc.

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