Suzy boasts graceful, doll-like visuals in new Dior pictorial 

Netizens are in love with Suzy’s innocent beauty. 

On April 29th, Suzy posted four new photos on her Instagram along with a short caption, “Dior”. In the photos, Suzy wears a yellow checkered outfit from the luxury fashion house. Suzy’s jade-like fair skin and long straight black hair help her exude a pure and elegant aura. Her big eyes and sharp jawline especially stand out. 


In the full-body shot, Suzy flaunted a perfect body proportion. Although she was wearing low-heeled sneakers, her tiny face and height of 168 cm are still clearly shown. 


Netizens are all stunned by Suzy’s graceful beauty, leaving comments such as, “How can she become prettier every time I see her?”, “Isn’t she a doll?”, “This pictorial is insane”, “Suzy’s a beauty legend”, etc.


Meanwhile, Suzy is set to make a small-screen comeback in Coupang Play’s upcoming original series ‘Anna‘, which is scheduled to air this summer. ‘Anna‘ tells the story of a woman who starts a small lie and ends up living a completely different life.

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