Suga reveals his honest thoughts about BTS’s handsome vocal line members, “The core of BTS is the vocal line”

Suga expressed his sincerity towards BTS members.

BTS’s official Youtube channel uploaded episode 7 of “Suchwita” featuring BTS Suga and Jimin last month.


That day, Jimin talked about the preparation for his first solo album “FACE”, which was released in March.

Jimin confessed, “I think we can objectively say that BTS was led by the three members in the rap line RM, Suga, and J-Hope, who can compose and write songs.”

He added, “But in order for the team to grow more, we each have to be independent as well and you have to be able to talk about yourself more clearly”.


Hearing that, Suga said, “That’s what the four members in the vocal line may think, but the three members in the rap line think that we were led by the vocal line with the rap line supporting. It was like ‘You guys do all the things that require good looks’”, praising “vocal line” members Jimin, Jungkook, V and Jin.

Jimin smiled and waved his hand, saying “He says that all the time but it’s not”. Suga continued, “People wonder if I ever wanted to be in the center, but I never did. The core of BTS is the vocal line. That’s what I think”.


Jimin then expressed his gratitude for Suga’s compliments.

In response to the video, viewers commented, “BTS members are so kind to each other”, “Both the rap line and vocal line are amazing”, etc.

Source: Insight

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