Struggling With BLACKPINK & Yang Hyun-suk Risks, YG Firmly Cut Relationship With ‘Alleged Drugger’ G-Dragon

YG is trying to avoid more risks by distancing themselves from G-Dragon and his drug allegations

YG Entertainment drew a line against G-Dragon, who has recently been booked on drug charges. The agency emphasized that G-Dragon’s exclusive contract has expired and they’re no longer his management agency. 


YG is already facing various risks, including BLACKPINK’s contract renewal and former executive producer Yang Hyun-suk’s trial on threatening charges, so it is better for them to avoid further damage by parting ways with G-Dragon. In particular, some are saying that YG has foreseen the situation and refused to renew the contract with G-Dragon first.


On October 25th, the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency booked G-Dragon on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act. They are planning to conduct further examinations to find out the exact types of drugs and the number of doses he took.


In this regard, YG immediately made it clear that G-Dragon is no longer an artist under their company. This shows a completely different attitude compared to their announcement in June when G-Dragon’s exclusive contract expired. At that time, YG did not officially announce G-Dragon’s departure but released a vague notice, saying “We are cooperating with G-Dragon through separate contracts for other activities, such as advertising, and will discuss an additional contract when he resumes music activities”.

Of course, there is a possibility that the relationship between YG and G-Dragon has changed during the past four months, but many people pointed out the quick change in their attitudes as a way to get away from controversies as the agency is already dealing with too many risks.

lisa blackpink

YG has been having a hard time due to BLACKPINK’s contract renewal issues. While various rumors are still pouring out, YG continues to keep silent about the members’ future moves. If BLACKPINK leaves YG, it will inevitably affect the stock price. In fact, there are speculations that YG’s quarterly report in mid-November will reveal whether BLACKPINK has renewed contracts or not.

Yang Hyun-seok

Another risk is the upcoming trial of former executive producer Yang Hyun-suk on threatening charges. He is currently on trial after being accused of trying to cover up the police investigation into former iKON member B.I’s drug use. Although Yang Hyun-suk was acquitted in the first trial, the prosecution filed an appeal, and the upcoming appeal trial is scheduled for November 8th. 

An official in the K-pop industry said, “Since YG has been embroiled in too many bad issues, it is easy to understand why they don’t want to take on ‘G-Dragon risk’”.

Source: Daum

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