“Street Woman Fighter” Season 2? No confirmation, a street dance series planned

Mnet has spoken up regarding the possibility of them producing a second season for famous program “Street Woman Fighter”. 

On March 7th, an Mnet official told media outlet Star News, “There is no confirmed production for ‘Street Woman Fighter’ Season 2, though we are currently planning a ‘Street Dance Series’.”

Street Woman Fighter

Broadcast in August 2021, “Street Woman Fighter” was a reality survival program that aimed to find the best street dance crew in South Korea. It gained great popularity at the time, and the leaders of each crew, Honey J, LEEJUNG (Lee Jung), Monika, Aiki, and no:ze (Noze), have been actively participating in various broadcasts since then.

In addition, due to the success of “Street Woman Fighter”, follow-up programs “Street Dance Girls Fighter” was produced in November 2021, and “Street Man Fighter” was produced in August 2022. These programs generated tremendous buzz, with concerts being held for each program.

As “Street Woman Fighter” elevated the status of street dance to the mainstream public, attention is being paid to whether a Season 2 will be produced, and more talented dancers will be discovered. 

Source: Daum

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