Forbes Korea picked out 11 all-round Kpop idols, sparking heated controversy

The following 11 idols were officially announced to match Forbes Korea the most, but after seeing the final ranking, some Kpop fans found it... a bit ridiculous.

On August 23, Forbes Korea announced the voting results of the poll “K-pop idols who best suit Forbes”. This is a list of well-rounded idols that Forbes believes to have composing, dancing, and singing talents.

The total number of votes is up to 116,598 votes. Voting took place in about 116 countries, of which 40.66% took place in South Korea. Following South Korea, the countries with the highest number of votes were the United States, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Thailand… The results of the poll surprised many people and even caused controversy.

No.5: Woozi (SEVENTEEN)


With 4306 votes from Forbes, Woozi is known as the talented main vocalist of SEVENTEEN.  He is famous for his sweet and emotional vocals. In addition, his dancing skills are also outstanding and he is also the group’s main producer. Woozi owns 99 songs registered with the Korean Music Copyright Association (KOMCA), including songs he wrote for SEVENTEEN as well as other artists such as Ailee, IOI, Chanyeol (EXO)…

No.4: Key (SHINee)


Excellently ranking 4th place in this poll, the male idol from SM received 4817 votes. Key in particular and SHINee members, in general, have long been well-known for their talents. In addition to singing, Key also participated in composing many SHINee songs. He also appeared in musicals. Key’s most famous plays include Bonnie & Clyde (2013), Zorro (2014), and Chess (2015).

No.3: Moonbin (ASTRO)


Coming from the rising group ASTRO, Moonbin gradually won the hearts of the audience thanks to his talent and hard work. Although only taking on the position of lead vocal and lead dancer in the group, thanks to his comprehensive talent, the management company Fantagio allowed him to debut in a small group with member Sanha. The debut song of this subgroup, ‘Bad Idea’, also quickly won its trophies on Korean weekly music shows. The 3rd place in this ranking with 13,156 votes, surpassing even representatives of BLACKPINK, SHINee… is considered a “miracle” for Moonbin.

No.2: D.O. (EXO)


Famous as the “illustrious” main vocal of the popular SM boy group EXO, D.O. ranked second overall in the Kpop all-rounder idol race with 38,217 votes. D.O. is considered to have a unique masculine voice and is also very inspirational. His clear pronunciation and warm voice make each song of D.O all very colorful and attractive. In particular, with his solo debut album ‘Empathy’, D.O. personally participated in composing, thereby demonstrating his comprehensive talent in this whole field. 

No.1: Kang Daniel

With an overwhelming number of 48,401 votes, 41.51% of the total votes, and never giving up first place from the start to the end of the voting, Daniel proves his unwavering popularity not only in Korea but also in international. Working as a solo artist after Wanna One disbanded, “national center” Kang Daniel quickly achieved great success. Through each comeback, Daniel always shows maturity in his musical style and skills.


What makes many people regret is that the top boy group BTS does not have any representatives on this list even though many members of the group have outstanding talents such as Jungkook, j-hope, RM,… Kang Daniel got the first position is also a shock because frankly because his talent is often evaluated as a “bubble”. His dancing skills are good, but his singing is not appreciated. Compared to his personal achievements with many other idols, many people were displeased when Kang Daniel is at No.1.

BTS doesn’t have any members named on the list

In addition, the fact that the only representative of BLACKPINK, Jennie, did not enter the top 5 but stood in a “modest” position of 6th, also surprised many people. Jennie is always known as a rare and all-talented female idol of Kpop, able to “fully balance” all 3 areas of vocal, dance, rap with the “top of the top” aura and even participate in songwriting for BLACKPINK, typically the song from the latest comeback Lovesick Girls. For all of the reasons above, Jennie was supposed to be in the top 5.

jennie blackpink 29301893791631 scaled 1
Jennie occupies a relatively low position in the rankings compared to expectations

Top 11 “K-pop’s all-round idols” according to Forbes Korea:

1. Kang Daniel – 41.51%
2. EXO D.O. – 32.77%
3. ASTRO Moonbin – 11.28%
4. SHINee Key – 4.13%
5. SEVENTEEN Woozi – 3.69%
6. BLACKPINK Jennie – 1.73%
7. Stray Kids Han – 1.47%
8. PENTAGON Hui – 1.24%
9. THE BOYZ Sunwoo – 0.92%
10. Red Velvet Seulgi – 0.86%
11. (G)I-DLE Soyeon – 0.37%
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