Actress Lee El, who disagreed with soaking shows, is being criticized for renting a private swimming pool 

Lee El is facing criticism for spending her vacation at a pension with a private swimming pool. It is because she previously expressed disapproval of music festivals wasting water in the drought season.

Lee El recently posted a tweet revealing that she decided to go on a summer vacation with her family. The actress said, “I’m going to enter the water for the first time after 30 years. We will go to a place with a private swimming pool so where should I buy swimming clothes for my mom? I think T-shirts and comfortable shorts that dry well are enough. My mom doesn’t like swimsuits”, asking for advice from fans.

However, netizens poured out criticism instead of advice under her tweet. They pointed out the fact that she went to a pension with a private swimming pool didn’t match with her behavior of criticizing festivals, such as soaking shows, for wasting water not long ago.

Some Internet users sarcastically said, “You should also give the swimming pool Soyang River”.

In particular, more people began to mock Lee El when the heavy rain happened in the central regions on August 8th. At that time, the actress said on her Twitter, “I guess there’s nothing much to do now”. 

Meanwhile, the heavy rain resulted in 9 deaths and 6 missing people in the central regions, such as Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi, and Gangwon. As of the morning of August 10th, the number of victims reached 441. 

Damages to facilities were also severe. 10 cases of railroad flooding, 3 cases of embankment oil chambers, and 2 cases of slope failures occurred in Seoul alone. Regarding private facilities, 741 houses and shopping malls were flooded (Seoul 684, Incheon 54). In addition, 4 cases of collapsed retaining walls, 14 cases of soil erosion, 5ha of flooded crops, and 11 landslides occurred. 

Source: nate

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