Street Woman Fighter: PROWDMON was chosen as the MVP, Lee Chae Yeon cried and confessed, “I can’t dance anymore”

PROWDMON won the MVP title in the Ranking Mission of “Street Woman Fighter”

Street Woman Fighter: PROWDMON was chosen as the MVP, Lee Chae Yeon cried and confessed, “I can’t dance anymore”
Street Woman Fighter: PROWDMON was chosen as the MVP, Lee Chae Yeon cried and confessed, “I can’t dance anymore”

On the latest episode of Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” aired on September 7, dancers in all classes competed in the Ranking Mission.

Earlier, the main dancer for each class was selected: LEADER CLASS (WAY B Noze), ASSIST CLASS (PROWDMON Hyeily), SUB CLASS (WANT Moan & Emma) and SECOND CLASS (LA CHICA Rian).

The main dancers got some benefits such as directing the choreography for the dance video, being the center of the dance video, getting bonus points for their crews, and pointing out the worst dancer in the class.

First of all, while ASSIST CLASS’s members were preparing for the dance video, the attitude of the main dancer Hyeily shocked her fellow dancers. She said she had never directed a choreography herself, so she asked other dancers for help. Therefore, LACHICA Shimizu was in charge of directing the dance choreography. After the performance, Hyeily chose HOOK Seon Yoon Kyung as the worst dancer. Seon Yoon Kyung expressed her regret, saying, “It’s wasn’t the style that I usually dance”.

Move on to the SECOND CLASS. Rian was the main dancer of this class and she got everyone confused as she changed all the dance and only kept LIP J’s choreography. Later, Rian picked HOLYBANG Jane as the worst dancer and commented, “I gave the many important parts to her, but I picked her because I still couldn’t see her well”

As for the SUB CLASS, Moana and Emma chose YGX Yeo Jin and Ji Hyo as the worst dancers. YGX crew commented, “We did expect to be chosen because she often kept us in check” and provoked the opponents, “Wait until the next battle”.

During the preparation, the members of LEADER CLASS got frustrated when the main dancer Noze’ being over-careful in directing the dance choreography. However, all the dancers of LEADER CLASS still admired her for creating such a great dance video. Later, Noze picked PROWDMAN Monika as the worst dancer. Monika expressed, “I felt bad. It hurt my pride a lot. I’m sure that she intended to choose me.”. Then she declared a war, “You’ve messed up with me”

Those who were selected as the worst dancers in their classes had a chance to hand over the title ‘worst dancer’ to other ones through a 1:1 battle. If the ‘worst dancer’ wins against the person they pick, her opponents will become the final ‘worst dancer’.

YGX Yeo Jin and Ji Hyo competed against HOOK Ye Bon and Hyo Woo, HOOK Seon Yoon Kyung picked WANT Lee Chae Yeon, HOLYBANG Jane chose WAY B Lee Su and PROWDMON Monika picked HOLYBANG Honey J.

After the battles, Yeo Jin, Ji Hyo, Lee Chae Yeon, Lee Su, and Honey J became the final worst dancers. Lee Chae Yeon, who had been pointed out as the weakest dancer as she lost in most of the 1:1 battles, had to suffer the pain of being defeated again. She burst into tears and said, “I keep losing in every battle, I’m sorry. I can’t dance anymore.”. Members of WANT crew came and comforted Lee Chae Yeon; they said, “If you’re upset, just cry. But if you want to say sorry, don’t cry”

After the Ranking Mission, PROWDMON was chosen as the MVP crew. Monika expressed her feelings, saying, “I was picked as the worst dancer today; however, I felt better receiving this title. We will become more mature who will show everything and win every battle with our skills.”

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