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“In ’Street Woman Fighter’, You see women’s jealousy and greed,” “Street Man Fighter” CP’s remarks got criticized by K-netizens

The answer of CP Kwon Young-chan, who participated in the production of both “Street Fighter” seasons, about the difference in competition between male and female dancers is going viral online.

At the production presentation of Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” held at Stanford Hotel Korea in Mapo-gu, Seoul, on the afternoon of August 23rd, CP Kwon Young-chan expressed his opinion on the difference between the survival fight of “Street Woman Fighter” and “Street Man Fighter.”

Regarding that question, CP Kwon said, “The survival between female and male dancers is different. In the case of female dancers, there was jealousy and greed,” he said.

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“On the other hand, male dancers do it for loyalty and pride,” he added. “Male and female dancers seem to have many differences in dance as well.”

However, some netizens who heard this answer are criticizing it as “a rather careless remark.”

Netizens criticized, “I can’t believe he said this in public,” “I’ve never felt any jealousy in ‘Street Woman Fighter‘ thou,” “Is it greed if a woman does it and pride if a man does it?” and “This is too much, considering they are making use of ‘Street Woman Fighter’’s success.

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Earlier, “Street Man Fighter” had become a hot topic once as it was embroiled in controversy over abusive language and allegations of “evil editing” according to the pre-released video.

In the pre-released video, when the crew EO-DDAE, who takes pride in their girlish performances and choreography of female artists appeared, the members of the other crews are seen making controversial remarks such as, “I don’t want to see this, this is slightly disgusting,” and “I now have to throw away my eyes.”

Street Man Fighter

The first episode of “Street Man Fighter” is scheduled to be released at 10:20 p.m. on August 23rd. Kang Daniel will participate as the MC, while BoA, Super Junior Eunhyuk, and 2PM Jang Woo-young appear as Fight Judges.

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