“Street Dance Girls Fighter 2” Attracts Many Impressive Contestants After Expanding Application Criteria

Teenage dancers around the world participated in “Street Dance Girls Fighter 2”

Mnet’s program “Street Dance Girls Fighter 2” released its first episode on November 21st with the team selection match. 

Unlike Season 1, Season 2 expanded its age range and allowed individuals to join. As such, it attracted 2000 young dancing talents from 30 countries. 1MILLION and BEBE heated up the atmosphere with “Street Women Fighter 2” performances, such as “Chili” and “Smoke”, and the participants replied with a group dance. Especially, 1MILLION’s Harimu, who appeared on “Street Dance Girls Fighter” 2 years ago as a contestant, returned as a master.

First, the team selection started with the crew Feedback, which is from the global dance studio where JAM REPUBLIC’s Kirsten taught dancing for the first time in Korea. Especially, member Jo Yeon-seo born in 2008 attracted attention with her skills and beauty. However, Feedback was eliminated as they received only 2 “IN” votes.

NO LIP overwhelmed the atmosphere when revealing their award-winning career with 39 championships. The team said, “We were selected as a representative of Korea in the hip-hop dance competition HHI and ranked No.10 among 70 crews”. As a result, their creative performance received “ALL IN” from the masters. The next crew Noise&Oh! was unfortunately eliminated. 

Global crew On Beats from New Zealand introduced their performance, saying “We prepared it with blood, sweat and tears”. In particular, 2 members of this crew participated in JAM REPUBLIC’s Mega Crew Mission in “Street Woman Fighter 2”. Showcasing powerful movements, On Beats successfully earned 5 “IN” votes. 

15-year-old Chinese girl Liu Amy, who appeared on the American show “The Ellen Show” and Sia’s music video years ago, believed that “Street Dance Girls Fighter 2” would be a chance for her to show her talents and communicate with other teenage dancers. Captivating the masters with her hip-hop performance, she decided to go with BEBE crew.

Just Jerk Rookies participated in the show with the aim of winning No.1, and achieved “ALL IN” as expected. Yoon In-jeong, who previously joined “Street Dance Girls Fighter 1” with Amazon, challenged the second time and left a strong impression. 

Source: Daum

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