Statistics of Kpop artists 2018: Global-class BTS, BlackPink is very popular in Southeast Asia

Youtube statistics have shown strong growth of K-pop in the past year with outstanding growth figures.

Recently, Youtube has just released the statistics of Kpop artists’ views in 2018. In addition to the top groups like BTS, BlackPink, TWICE, EXO that has become familiar with Youtube charts, top 5 artists with the highest total views suddenly appeared a new face that exploded strongly in the past year, which is MOMOLAND.

Besides, 2018 witnessed the strong growth of Kpop on Youtube fronts when there were 6 artists (including top 5 and Red Velvet) with a total of more than 1 billion views. In 2017, only 2 artists achieved this achievement: BTS and TWICE.

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The chart of the total number of views in 2017 and 2018

In addition, the statistics show the countries where BTS, BlackPink, EXO and TWICE videos are the most viewed. BTS has proved its boom in the world’s largest music market as the US has the highest views with more than 500 million views. In addition, Vietnam surprisingly surprised when it appeared in 2nd place with more than 400 million views.

BlackPink had a successful year with the hit version “DDU-DU DDU-DU“, which in turn broke the Youtube view records of BTS and also became a Kpop music group’s milestone of 550 million views in the shortest time.

It is worth mentioning that, although BlackPink is still often compared to BTS in terms of popularity in the US-UK market thanks to the view count, the figures show that the countries where YG‘s girl group most popular are in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam.

view 3
The chart shows that BTS is popular in the US while BlackPink is only famous in Southeast Asia
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This made many netizens mocked that BlackPink was “only media played by Daddy Yang” over and over again by trying to compare to BTS.
view 5
Results of the most viewed countries of EXO and TWICE

Finally, the chart also shows the popularity of Kpop artists in each country. While TWICE is doing very well in Korea and Japan, BlackPink is currently the most viewed group in Indonesia and Thailand, and MOMOLAND also excelled at leading the charts in the Philippines. The remaining 11 countries according to Youtube statistics including the US, Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam, Argentina, Germany, England, Canada, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India are all “dominated” by the Big Hit boys.

Source: kenh14

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