Stars with red hair: From Winter to Huh Yun-jin

Recently, there's a trend of "red hair" transformations among girl group members

From aespa Winter, who gained attention for her mermaid-like visual with red hair, to LE SSERAFIM Huh Yun-jin, who emphasized her “hot girl” image with added orange tones, many stars have taken center stage in the F/W hair trend with their unique red hair expressions.

huh yunjin

Huh Yun-jin, who surprised everyone with a sudden transformation using orange hair dye in the mid-year, has maintained her bleached hair consistently until the end of the year. Starting with a hip and distinctive image through orange hair, she transitioned from basic bleached hair to her current red-copper colored style, showcasing various stylings.

Red hair has the effect of neutralizing the yellowish undertones in the faces of East Asians, making the skin appear more transparent and fair. Huh Yun-jin, originally known for her clear and white complexion, enhanced her clear skin and transformed into a more charming, hip visual with the red-copper color.

aespa winter

Winter, who recently surprised everyone with a red hair transformation during the promotion of the new song “Drama”, emphasized a seductive atmosphere with a red-brown color slightly mixed with brown. Winter, known for her bright skin tone, created a sharp contrast and a clearer image with the intense color of red-brown hair.

Winter’s red hair, especially with wavy waves, evoked a “mermaid princess” visual, enhancing her lovely charm and establishing it as her “hairstyle of a lifetime”.

Besides, ITZY Yuna and Kiss of Life Belle also revealed their own charm with red-colored hair. Yuna emphasized a sophisticated image with long burgundy hair, while Belle, after several bleaching sessions, highlighted her intense and exotic visual with pure red hair.

Red hair is attractive as it can be broadly adapted without being strongly influenced by the distinction of “personal color”, whether someone is warm-toned or cool-toned. Red hair, which generally suits East Asians well, allows for a variety of color combinations to accentuate its advantages. Thus, the trend of red hair this winter is expected to continue for a while.

Source: Daum

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