“Squid Game 2” Jo Yuri had a hard time mentally early this year

Jo Yuri confessed that she had a hard time mentally early this year.

On August 12th, a video featuring Jo Yuri was uploaded on the YouTube channel “BbomBbomBbom”.

Jo Yuri appeared as a guest on “Idol Bomi EP 1” with Apink’s Yoon Bomi as the host.

jo yuri

Jo Yuri confessed that she had a hard time mentally early this year.

She shared that the beginning of this year was particularly tough for her, during which she faced a series of setbacks, auditions, and emotional difficulties. She also mentioned her realization that she tends to delve deeply into difficult situations. Despite her struggles, she found ways to cope, such as channeling her emotions into her acting auditions and even observing herself crying in front of a mirror to better understand her expressions.

Jo Yuri further revealed that she believes anger is a potent energy source, and she strives to use it constructively, especially in her acting pursuits. She emphasized that she collects and packages her emotions for later use during acting meetings.

jo yuri

Yoon Bomi empathized with Jo Yuri’s experiences, sharing her own perspective on handling emotions and challenges. She said, “I’m very bright and positive, but I’m scared of myself when I feel depressed. So I tend not to make a big deal. I say it’s hard. I do that deliberately.”

Source: Daum

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