Special Mark Visible Only On The Arms Of Idols Born After 1995

Have you ever heard of “fire shot”?

Fire shot is a tuberculosis vaccination shot given within four weeks of age. It is said that it was named “Fire shot” because it was disinfected with fire several times back in the days when medical equipment was not sufficient. The shot, which leaves a distinctive scar, has evolved into a new form over time. As a result, Koreans can use this mark to guess the age of a person. As the result, 18 injection marks can be seen on the forearms of idols born in 1995 and below.


The activated percutaneous injection, which appeared in 1993, gradually gained popularity and became common around 1995. So you can easily see this injection mark on the arm of a person born after 1995.

In the case of Ahn Yu-jin, who appeared on “The Masked Singer” last year, you could see the injection mark on her forearm, which was exposed under the sleeveless dress. The idol was born in 2003, and is 20 years old this year.

jang won young

Jang Won-young also became a hot topic on various online communities due to a photo of 18 injection marks on her forearm. Jang Won-young was reportedly born in 2004.


SinB, a member of GFRIEND who was born in 1998, Momo of TWICE who was born in 1996, and Jeno of NCT who was born in 2000 are also born after 1995 with the same type of injection mark.

Source: daum

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