Soyul “My husband Moon Hee Joon is so annoying when he asks for food…He asks for food whenever he sees me”

Former Crayon Pop member Soyul talked about the thing that made her feel sad about her husband Moon Hee Joon.

On the March 18th broadcast of JTBC’s “Knowing Bros“, Bada, Sunye and Soyul appeared to talk about their married lives.

On this day, Soyul mentioned her husband Moon Hee Joon and said that sometimes she gets annoyed at him.

Soyul confessed, “Moon Hee Joon is so annoying when he asks for food. He asks for food whenever he sees me.”


She mentioned her hardships as a mother, “(At home) I’m busy. Mothers are very busy. I have to clean the house and make baby food.”

Soyul then said that Moon Hee Joon calls her “honey, honey” from afar when she is busy working at home.

She showed frustration, “He calls me until I come. He can come himself.”

Soyul was upset, saying that Moon Hee Joon keeps calling her for trivial things, such as asking her to bring him ice cream.


Bada burst into laughter, saying that Moon Hee Joon’s actions are the same as those of a 6-year-old kid.

Meanwhile, Soyul married Moon Hee Joon, who is 13 years older than her, in 2017. She gave birth to the first daughter Hee Yul in May of the same year.

Moon Hee Joon and Soyul welcomed their second son in September last year and received many congratulations.

Source: insight

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