“Soulmate” Director Min Yong Geun talks about the efforts he made to delicately portray the on-screen female friendships

He said the inspiration he drew was from the women around him and their “subtle and powerful” relationships.

On the afternoon of February 28th, at the press preview and conference of his movie “Soulmate” in the Lotte Cinema at Konkuk University, director Min Yong Geun said, “When I first received an offer, I rejected it at once. The reason was that I wondered if I could fully understand the friendship (of these two characters) because of the gender of my friends, as well as the environment in which I grew up. But I was hooked on a scene in the movie. I felt a lot of emotions about the story of people who ended up meeting each other in a roundabout way,” he said.

Soul Mate

To depict the relationships on-screen as it is, the director said, “I interviewed women around me while writing the scenes. There are many women in my family so their presence is not unfamiliar to me. When I looked at my mother and other women’s relationships, I thought they were not ostentatious, but subtle and powerful. I wanted to capture that part in the movie. Despite being a male director, I wanted to portray women through the images and emotions I have seen,” he added.

Kim Da Mi Soul Mate

“Soulmate” is a movie about two friends, Mi So (Kim Da Mi) and Ha Eun (Jeon So Nee). They recognize each other from their first meeting and start doing and feeling everything together, from joy, sadness, excitement to longing. Things change when Jin Woo (Byeon Woo Seok) walks into their life and complicates their friendship. It is a remake of the Chinese movie “Soul Mate” released in 2017.

Source: Daum

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