Sooyoung’s Surprise Encounter with Park Bogum During Her Trip to Europe

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung shared a fascinating story about running into Park Bogum during her Europe trip.

On June 14th, Sooyoung’s YouTube channel ‘The Sootory’ released a video titled ‘This time I went to Europe~ The weather fairy did it all.

Sooyoung went to Paris, France for a photo shoot. Before boarding the plane, Sooyoung said, “I’ve had acute sinusitis since the day before yesterday, and my nose is blocked. They said my ears would hurt a lot on the plane, so I’m worried, but I’m excited to fly after a long time.” Sooyoung fortunately felt fine and safely arrived in Paris.


After finishing the photo shoot in Paris, Sooyoung traveled to Switzerland. Her family was also with her, and unexpected incidents happened here. 

Sooyoung said, “Originally, after the photo shoot in Paris, I was planning to travel to Switzerland for a family trip, with my mom, sister, and aunt. But my aunt fell and broke her ankle while taking photos. When we went to the emergency room in Paris, they said she needed surgery. My aunt didn’t want to be a burden, so she went back to Korea first, and the three of us continued with the trip.” 


She continued, “While on the way after taking my aunt to the hotel, I ran into (Park) Bogum” and shared a photo taken with Park Bogum. 

Sooyoung said, “It was fascinating. It seemed like Bogum was amazed by me too. He said, ‘What should we do?’ and ‘How are you here?’” She burst into laughter.

Source: Nate

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