Song Mino mentions his sister Danah, “She likes whatever I say, I think she is my fan”

Winner Song Min-ho mentioned his younger sister, idol Song Dan-ah. 

In MBC’s “DNA Mate,” which aired on August 2nd, WINNER member Jin-woo and his eight-year-younger sister Kim Jin-hee appeared.

In this episode, Kim Jin-hee went to the waiting room to cheer for her brother Kim Jin-woo’s performance on music broadcast and met the WINNER members Song Minoo and Lee Seung-hoon. Lee Seung-hoon asked Kim Jin-hee, Kim Jin-woo’s younger sister, “If you can exchange your brother with someone among the WINNER members, who do you want that to be?” Kim Jin-hee pointed to Kang Seung-yoon, saying, “Everyone are great, but I will choose him who don’t have a younger sibling,” before pointing to Kang Seung-yoon.

Kim Jin-hee said, “I think (Kang Seung-yoon) is someone who unexpectedly takes good care of his younger sister.” In response, Kang Seung-yoon said, “I have always wanted to have a younger sibling.”

In response, Lee Seung-hoon joked, “Go on a trip together,” and said, “Seung-yoon is not kind to people who are related to him. He will only be kind to others.”

Lee Seung-yoon told Kim Jin-hee, “Do you like someone who constantly nag? Or someone who say nothing at all?” Kim Jin-hee replied, “Someone who say nothing at all is better.”

In response, Song Mino said, “My sister likes me saying anything. If I give my sister an advice that you should do this and not that, my mother will say, “Danah said she really was really happy yesterday.” I wonder if she’s my fan,” he said with a smile. 

Meanwhile, “DNA Mate”, which airs every Tuesday night at 9 p.m., is a full-fledged project to explore siblings that are so unfamiliar with each other that people might even believe they are strangers living in the same house.

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