Song Joong-ki’s first appearance at the filming set of his new drama “Chaebol Family’s Youngest Son”

“Vincenzo” Song Joong-ki is about to return on the small screen playing the role of the youngest son in a chaebol family.

On January 25th, fantaken photos revealing Song Joong-ki’s appearance at the filming site of drama “Chaebol Family’s Youngest Son” were revealed. The actor appeared with a classy hairstyle wearing a dark color vest and a high-neck sweater.

He still looks handsome in with this 3:7 hairstyle
He still looks handsome in with this 3:7 hairstyle

Despite the low quality of these fantaken photos, Song Joong-ki’s visual still draws admiration from netizens. Set in a timeline from 1987 to 2022, this drama is expected to be spectacular and full of classic vibe. Of course, Song Joong-ki will appear with different images in this drama.

Netizens’ comments:

  • I can’t wait to watch the drama
  • Song Joong-ki’s high quality visual shines even in these low-quality pictures
  • Song Joong-ki is the best

Chaebol Family’s Youngest Son” centers around Yoon Hyun-woo (Song Joong-ki), a secretary of Sunyang Corporation. Although he stays loyal to Sunyang for over 10 years, Hyun Woo was accused of embezzlement by his own boss and killed by Jin Do-joon, the youngest son of that chaebol family. 

Hyun Woo later woke up in the body of Jin Do-joon. Taking advantage of this new body, he plans to take revenge on the people who betrayed him. He later becomes the most powerful person in Sunyang.

The spectacular filming set of “Chaebol Family’s Youngest Son”
The spectacular filming set of “Chaebol Family’s Youngest Son”

Chaebol Family’s Youngest Son” will mark Song Joong-ki’s first drama return after “Vincenzo”. It is scheduled to air in the middle of 2022 on JTBC.

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