Song Joong-ki Recalled Being Angry With False Rumors About His Wife+Admitted He Was Immature 

Song Joong-ki Talked About His Wife In A Recent Interview

In a recent interview with JTBC, which was released on October 15, Song Joong-ki talked about his new movie “Hopeless” and his wife.

At the interview, the reporter asked, “Enormous attention was focused on the disclosure of your romantic relationship and the marriage. In the process, you expressed anger, but now, to what extent has it eased?

To which, he answered, “It is true that I was angry. Many people are writing novels about my wife.” 

song joong ki

The actor continued, “She knows about the industry, but she was honestly hurt a lot by irresponsible stories. I was hurt too, so how hurt must my wife be? Of course, my wife said, ‘Well, if there’s a place like the BBC in England, there’s also a place where they write novels about you. Let’s just stay put.” Even so, she must have been upset, too.

Song Joong-ki added, “However, listening to my wife, I thought, “I was inexperienced.

He said, “After all, it’s my wife who’s relieved my anger. My wife is the kind of person who says annyeonghaseyo first when she meets Korean fans in Rome. ‘I was immature. I need to be more mature. Song Joong-ki, you still have a long way to go.”

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