Song Ha-yoon Cries Upon Recalling Her Portrayal Of “Marry My Husband” Jung Soo-min, “I Was So Lonely”

Song Ha-yoon shed tears due to overwhelming feelings mixed of anxiety, loneliness, sadness and gratefulness

On February 20th, actress Song Ha-yoon had an interview at King Kong by Starship building in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and shared various stories about tvN’s “Marry My Husband”. In the drama, she played Jung Soo-min, the only best friend of Kang Ji-won (Park Min-young) who destroys Ji-won’s life by having a love affair with her husband Park Min-hwan (Lee Yi-kyung).

When asked about her chemistry with Park Min-young, Song Ha-yoon said she distanced herself from Park Min-young during the filming process in order to immerse in the character but they sympathized with each other and supported each other silently. 

song ha yoon

Regarding her efforts to express the appearance of Jung Soo-min, the actress said she divided her transformation as Jung So-min into three stages, saying “In the beginning, I wanted the character to have a soft feeling without firmness so I raised my voice tone high, wore pink clothes and had wavy hair with large pins”, adding “In the second stage, Soo-min began to hate other people so I expressed it by wearing sky blue, navy and pastel clothes. Stage 3 began in episode 10 when Ji-won completely abandoned Soo-min, so I started wearing black clothes without makeup.” Song Ha-yoon added that she tried her best to portray Jung Soo-min more dimensionally compared to the simple original character in the webtoon.

Although Jung Soo-min was imprisoned in the last episode, Song Ha-yoon said she was satisfied with that ending, adding “Being able to put this dangerous and scary character in prison was so memorable”. The actress also emphasized that she successfully overcame her concerns about being stuck with similar characters every time after starring in “Marry My Husband”.

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Lastly, Song Ha-yoon shed tears as she was overwhelmed with emotions while expressing her gratitude towards the viewers of “Marry My Husband”. The actress shared, “Last year, I deleted Instagram because I felt so lonely and it was like I got trapped in the past. Although it was my choice, I couldn’t get immersed in the character. I was still worried that my past would be erased if I played Soo-min”, adding “I cut off contact with all my friends because socializing required so much energy. I was so lonely and once took the subway home from work. That loneliness ended up helping me become immersed in the character naturally”.

She continued, “Apart from my own efforts, I’m thankful for the viewers’ love, which made Soo-min become viral, as well as the worldview created by the writer. I feel like it was so lucky that everything came together well and I’m grateful for that. The thought about Soo-min still remains but I’ll let her go to portray more characters in the future”.

Source: Daum

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