Son Ye Jin’s new on-screen romantic partner: Working his way up from supporting roles, filming a hot scene once with Park Min Young

Yeon Woo Jin took on supporting roles for many years before his career took off.

Yeon Woo Jin will be Son Ye Jin‘s next male co-star in the upcoming drama 39

The actor plays Kim Sun Woo – a 39-year-old dermatologist who works at the same hospital as Cha Mi Jo (Son Ye Jin). Kim Sun Woo makes many women’s hearts flutter with his handsome appearance and sweet personality. He grew up in a rich family as his father is a former member of the National Assembly. However, he always keeps a humble attitude and appreciates small things in life.

Yeon Woo Jin

While studying abroad in the US, Kim Sun Woo happened to meet Cha Mi Jo and became attracted to her. Kim Sun Woo always gives Cha Mi Jo heart eyes. He is willing to do anything for the woman he likes. Kim Sun Woo is the prime example of a man of our dreams, someone who is both good looking and has a good heart. 


Starting out as a fashion model, Yeon Woo Jin soon developed a passion for acting. He participated in many sitcoms and mini series over the years. After the drama Marriage Not Dating, he worked hard in many other acting projects and received a nomination for Best Actor in 2016.

Yeon Woo Jin

In 2017, Yeon Woo Jin co-starred Park Min Young in Queen for Seven Days. The drama drew much attention with the scene where the character Shin Chae Kyung (Park Min Young) takes off her shirt in front of the man he loves, Lee Yeok (Yeon Woo Jin) so that he can see the scar on her back. Park Min Young‘s hot scene gains more than 50 million views on YouTube.

Queen for Seven Days
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