Son Soo Hyun publicly cheers for FIFTY FIFTY amid “Unanswered Questions” biased broadcasting controversy

After the FIFTY FIFTY episode of SBS’ “Unanswered Questions” aired on August 19th, it was embroiled in an all-time controversy.

Although it dealt with the dispute over FIFTY FIFTY‘s exclusive contract, suspicions of biased broadcasting were raised, saying that only the members’ story was reported too unilaterally. In addition, various doubtful points and controversies surrounding the people involved in the incident weren’t touched, so there is criticism that nothing has been resolved.

In the midst of this, there is a person who left a public support for FIFTY FIFTY, drawing attention. She is actress Son Soo Hyun.

On August 20th, Son Soo Hyun left a review of “Unanswered Questions” on Twitter. She wrote, “I watched ‘Unanswered Questions’… I’m really disillusioned with those who play with other people’s desperate dreams.” She sent strong support to the members, “FIFTY FIFTY fighting!!!!!! Fly up once again proudly!!!!!

This tweet not only attracted attention on Twitter immediately after it was posted, but also spread to major online communities such as theqoo.

Netizens showed refuting reactions such as “You seem to have misunderstood. FIFTY FIFTY is in trouble right now due to the biased broadcasting of ‘Unanswered Questions’. You’ll understand why the public is angry if you search a little bit… Everyone has a desperate dream. But you can’t trample on other people’s dreams for your own dream. That’s why the public turned their backs on FIFTY FIFTY“…

Some netizens added to suspicions of biased broadcasting, “If you only watched ‘Unanswered Questions’, you’ll inevitably have that reaction“, “Viewers might misunderstand after watching the broadcast“…

son soo hyun

Son Soo Hyun made her name and face widely known by working as a model for famous shopping malls such as From Beginning. She made her official debut in 2013 by appearing in a music video of Big Bang Daesung. At the time of her debut, Son Soo Hyun was called Korea’s “Yū Aoi”. Afterwards, she built her acting career by appearing in the drama “Blood” and the movie “Office”. However, recently, she has been quiet without any official activities.

Source: Wikitree

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