Cryptic Posts from TWICE Tzuyu’s Mother Amid Fan Outcry Over JYP Not Giving Her Solo Activities

Amidst fan frustration over Tzuyu’s lack of solo activities, her mother posts about honesty and karma 

Fans have been using the hashtag #TzuyuDeservesBetter to express their frustration as 2023 comes to a close with TWICE’s Tzuyu having no solo activities. 

In the midst of this, Tzuyu’s mother has shared cryptic posts on X/Twitter about karma, making fans wonder if the message she wants to convey is directed towards JYP’s unfair treatment of her daughter.


“Phony words like the wind that scatters clouds

Deceit weaves the vast sky full of stars

Promises like fragile bubbles

Touch them, they burst, it’s truly unexpected

Like a dandelion floating in the wind

Blurry like mist and magically skillful

Like a master novelist

Dancing the pen with each lie

Lost in the captivating maze

Wanting to find the ‘truth,’ incredibly difficult.”

“Strange actions, incomprehensible

Finding excuses to delay discussions for one plan after another

Not a shred of honesty, goodwill

It’s become your habit, it seems

I’m just a character in those lies

Oh, indeed, the art of storytelling

Creativity truly is impressive

The imaginary world you paint is so beautiful.”

“As a person with religious beliefs, I believe in karma. Like a cycle, when someone loses their honor and trust, others stop believing in them as well, leading to isolation, lost opportunities, and weakened relationships. Self-worth drops to zero.

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Those who always uphold honesty will receive trust and respect, creating more opportunities for success because truthfulness enhances one’s self-worth.

Choosing deceit or honesty both contribute to the ‘law of karma’ in life, affecting our relationships and our values.”

“Consequences will come even faster, especially in this era of the 4th industrial revolution. Karma will arrive very swiftly!”

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