Han So Hee shows off the support she receives from fans all over the world on set of “Gyeongseong Creature” 

Han So Hee’s global popularity and fans’ love for her are becoming a hot topic. 

Recently, Han So Hee’s global popularity is drawing attention again after a series of photos of coffee and tea trucks sent as a gift by her domestic and international fans to the filming set of Netflix’s upcoming drama “Gyeongseong Creature” was released. 

han so hee

The photos show various drinks and snacks, as well as Han So Hee’s photos and supportive messages filled with fans’ affection printed on the banners. Along with Korea, fans from many countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia, China, and Japan participated in the coffee truck support project, proving Han So Hee’s popularity beyond borders.

han so hee

In response to the fans’ love, Han So Hee expressed her gratitude by sharing on-set photos through her personal Instagram account. She also liked the fans’ comments asking if she enjoyed the drinks and snacks they prepared. 

han so hee

During Han So Hee’s recent stay in Paris to attend Fashion Week, a large crowd gathered to see her in person. Han So Hee received plenty of gifts from her fans and talked to them. She also sweetly greeted them by waving and blowing kisses. 

Meanwhile, Han So Hee is currently filming the role of Yoon Chae Ok in “Gyeongseong Creature” alongside Park Seo Joon.

Source: nate

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