Son Seok Gu “37 years old = 40s? It was a hasty remark”

Actor Son Seok Gu showed off his candid volubility.

On August 22nd, Son Seok Gu‘s interview video was released on the YouTube channel “GQ KOREA”.

Son Seok Gu had time to look back on his past interviews. In 2019, when asked “Sorry for calling you out early in the morning. You’re still in your 30s“, Son Seok Gu replied, “No. I’m 37, so let’s say I’m in my 40s. Just last year, I wanted to do another project right after I finished a work, but now I feel like I need to charge.

Son Seok-gu

In 2023, Son Seok Gu said, “When I was 37, I thought I was in my 40s. It was a hasty remark. At 37, I was in my 30s, not my 40s.

He continued, “Now that I’m in my 40s, there’s a new side to me. Health deteriorates and stamina declines. Before bedtime, I look at my watch and check what time I’ll go to sleep, but I always wake up in the middle. I try to sleep for another hour or two. These days, my sleeping skills have improved, so I sleep whenever I put my head down.”

To his past remark “I think acting in my 40s can be very different from before. Because the perspective will change“, he confessed, “This opinion is still the same. It seems that my acting gets more relaxed. After filming ‘My Liberation Notes’, I think I get more relaxed when acting. You won’t feel a dramatic change. I’m the only one who feels it in full detail.

Meanwhile, Son Seok Gu appeared in Netflix’s series “D.P.” season 2, which was released last month.

Source: Nate

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