Son Heungmin Suddenly Caught Up in Marriage Rumors with Moon Gayoung

Rumors swirl that soccer star Son Heungmin and actress Moon Gayoung are planning a wedding  

The rumor was sparked when a Twitter account with the username kkvnoi made a now-deleted tweet claiming that Son Heungmin is preparing to tie the knot with Moon Gayoung

This user revealed that Son Heungmin and Moon Gayoung had met up with a wedding planner to start their wedding preparations. However, the tweet was soon taken down, leaving netizens curious about the details.

The now-deleted tweet managed to attract nearly 1 million views and ignited much discussion among Korean netizens. 

Moon Gayoung, a rising actress, has recently garnered attention from Burberry Korea, further fueling this dating speculation. She once lived in Germany and can speak German fluently, which interestingly aligns with Son Heungmin’s background.

Adding to the excitement, a well-known professor, Park Jung Ho, recently hinted at an imminent marriage of a huge Korean sports star. This clue has led netizens to connect the dots and point to none other than Son Heungmin.

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